Cary Synagogue

Arrest Made In Cary Synagogue Vandalism

Cary, NC – Late in 2018, Cary police arrested a woman who admitted to ethnically and religiously motivated vandalism, including vandalizing a Cary synagogue that was the target of threats earlier in the year. Read more

Snakes & 911 Calls: Visiting the Cary Police Dept.


Cary, NC — I visited the Cary Police Department to talk 911 calls, animal control and crime intelligence with Major Scott Davis of the Services Bureau. Read more

Tony Godwin

Profile: Tony Godwin, Cary’s Police Chief

Tony Godwin

Cary, NC — I visited the Cary Police Department to talk body cameras, feel-good police moments and flashy police cars with Tony Godwin, Cary’s new Police Chief.  

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Phoenix Project Makes Cary Safer

Officer Ken Quinlin of the Cary Police Department heads up Project Phoenix

Officer Ken Quinlan of the Cary Police Department heads up Project Phoenix

story and photo by Lindsey Chester

Cary, NC- Project Phoenix is a partnership between the police department and Town that is working with Cary apartment neighborhoods to build a sense of community. In less than 2 years, the department has seen a 13% decrease in calls to the neighborhoods that participate. Read more