State of Morrisville: ‘Tis Good

state-of-morrisville-ncMorrisville, NC – The Morrisville Chamber held its annual State of Morrisville breakfast last Thursday, July 18, 2013. As Mayor Jackie Holcombe pointed out “It’s good to be Morrisville.” Read more

Opinion: 4 Reasons to Vote For Morrisville’s Bonds

This story by Jackie Holcombe, Mayor of Morrisville, NC. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Morrisville, NC – On November 6, Morrisville residents will have an opportunity to approve funding for infrastructure improvements and quality of life enhancements in our town.  Two important referenda, one for parks and recreational bonds and a second for street improvements bonds will be before our voters on Election Day.  I will be voting YES on both of these bonds.  Here’s why. Read more

Opinion: The Straight Story on Morrisville & Taxes

Written by Jackie Holcombe, Mayor of Morrisville, North Carolina. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Balance Between Services and Cost

This year, as every year, the Town of Morrisville will consider how best to balance a desire for a well-maintained, safe community that offers reasonable quality of life amenities with taxpayer cost.  Over the next 5 months we will examine revenue and growth projections, review strategic priorities and receive departmental staff reports. We will hold workshops, virtual open houses and public hearings, all dedicated to our Fiscal Year 2013 budget.   And when that budget is adopted in June, if we have done our job and listened well, the balance between services and cost will reflect the desires of our community. Read more

Profile: Mayor Jackie Holcombe of Morrisville

Story by Matt Young. Photos by Hal Goodtree.

Morrisville, North Carolina – Here in Cary, we are fortunate to have a good neighbor in the Town of Morrisville. The folks of Morrisville are fortunate to have a Mayor who is “in it” for the good of the town she loves.

We were greeted warmly by Mayor Holcombe in Morrisville’s beautiful Council Chambers on Thursday of last week. Read more