Cary Teen

Cary Teen Creates Brain-Controlled Technology

Cary Teen

Cary, NC — 17 year-old Jenny Wang of Cary just won a $10,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship for her novel computer vision algorithm that allows for more efficient and effective analysis of the brain. She is one of only 20 students from across the country to receive the honor. Read more


Cary Student Wins at NC Science and Engineering Fair


Raleigh, NC — On March 29, fourth grader Ashleigh Smith from Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School in Cary won the Elementary Division of the 2014 North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair held at Meredith College. Read more

NC Science Fest, April 5-21


Cary, NC – My friend Jack in Chapel Hill writes a great blog. Over the weekend, he posted about the 3rd Annual North Carolina Science Festival, happening April 5-21st. It’s two and half weeks of science events for adults and kids across North Carolina. Read more

Quadrantid Meteor Shower in Cary


Time lapse photo by Christopher.

Cary, NC – Missed the big Quadrantid meteor shower last night? Well, it actually goes on for 11 more days. Wednesday night was cloudy, but tonight might be your best chance to see the big astronomy show in Cary, NC. Read more

Wildlife: Jordan Lake Eagle Cam is Back

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Ken Schneider.

Cary, NC – Last year at about this time, editor Matt Young did a story about Eagle Cam, a citizen science project at Jordan Lake. The big birds are back, and you can watch online again this year as they sit in the nest and prepare to hatch their young. Read more

Jordan Lake, Eagle Cams and “Citizen Science”

Story by Matt Young.

Cary, NC – Jordan Lake is beautiful. I fish there in my jon boat a few times a year.

I remember one time about ten years ago – my friend Mike and I were trolling in a cove. The water was flat. T-shirt weather.  Read more

Video: Science & Math are Cool, Kids

Cary, NC – For America to maintain a top quality workforce in the coming decades, science, technology and math education needs to be a priority.

Toward that end, 100 top U.S. CEOs have banded together to form In their own words, “Change the Equation aligns corporate efforts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to ensure that they add up to real, measurable growth in the achievement and STEM fluency of our nation’s young people.”

Part of the challenge is make those subjects attractive to the current generation of students. In the parlance of our children, growing up to be a scientist, mathematician or engineer has to be a “cool” career choice.

Change the Equation challenged its member companies to produce brief videos featuring an employee or group of employees who use math or science in exciting or unexpected ways. Many companies answered the call.

SAS won.

Congratulations to a Cary company and a flagship of the technology industry. Show this video to your kids.

Yes, Virginia, it’s cool to be a scientist, mathematician or engineer. In fact, it rocks.

You can also see this video on YouTube.

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