Wildlife: Jordan Lake Eagle Cam is Back

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Ken Schneider.

Cary, NC – Last year at about this time, editor Matt Young did a story about Eagle Cam, a citizen science project at Jordan Lake. The big birds are back, and you can watch online again this year as they sit in the nest and prepare to hatch their young.

Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Cam

The Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Nest Camera was set up last year as a joint project between NC State, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Maxim Intergrated Products, and Lineberger Tree Service. The exact location of the camera (and nest) is kept secret.

The all-weather camera produces a live video feed which viewers can tap into at any time via U-Stream, a do-it-yourself broadcasting channel on the internet. As I write this story,a band of rain is crossing the western Triangle and the eagle is hunkered down in the nest.

About 400 people were tuned into Eagle Cam during the middle of the day. You can “Check-In and Chat” with other viewers if you’re so inclined.

Tune In to Eagle Cam

You can watch one of the miracles of the natural world unfold from the comfort of your living room. All you need is an internet connection. If you’re reading this, you must already have one, so you’re good to go. Works with laptops, desktops, iPads, Kindles, even smartphones – no equipment necessary.

Jordan Lake Eagle Cam – Live on U-Stream

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  1. Lindsey Chester
    Lindsey Chester says:

    I liked them on facebook last year and they are starting to post video that comes in my news stream again. SO cool that we have this kind of bird of prey picking our little piece of heaven as home

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