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Cary Coworking Opens Downtown

cary coworking

Cary, NC — Cary Coworking is now open on West Chatham Street in Downtown Cary. I talked to coworking guru Ian Henshaw to find out more about this innovative work environment and about how such a space can benefit our community. Read more


ISIS Hacked My Website


Editor’s Note: This post was first published by Hal Goodtree on Technology Tank.
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Tech Tank

Tech Tank Review: Cary Bike & Hike App

Tech Tank

Cary, NC — On January 12, 2015, the Town of Cary released a new municipal mobile application, the Cary Bike & Hike App. Technology Tank undertook a survey to get user feedback on the new app. Read more

pumpkin chuck

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck

pumpkin chuckCary, NC – Announcing Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck, scheduled for Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Bond Park.

Pumpkin Chucking

Not familiar with a pumpkin chuck? It’s a competition where teams hurl pumpkins at targets and for distance with a homemade device called a trebuchet.

A trebuchet is like a catapult, except with a sling instead of a giant spoon.

Pumpkin chucks are also called punkin’ chuckin’ and punkin chunkin’. Don’t know why “chunking” except maybe alliteration.


Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck

Whatever you want to call it, Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck will happen the weekend after Halloween – Sunday, November 3, 2013. More info on

The venue is the Spillway in beautiful Bond Park. That’s the area between the Community Center and the lake – a hilly spot overlooking a big, flat field. It’s sometimes used for event and Spring Daze parking.

The Spillway is about 500 feet long. We’ll be using approximately 300 feet for the punkin’ chuckin’.

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck is a co-production of Town of Cary and TechnologyTank.

Mini-Maker Fair

Cary’s Punkin’ Chuck will also have a mini-Maker Fair. Booths to be announced, but expect science, technology and DIY exhibits.

If you’d like to be an exhibitor at the event, please email Ian Henshaw.


Teams are forming now! Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck is a fun, innovative experience for Scout troops, school clubs, families and hobbyists of all ages.

For more information, visit To register, visit EventBrite.


Trebuchet photo for  Cub Scout Pack 101 in Cedar Valley, Texas by Irish Typepad.

tech triangle

Tech in the Triangle: July Roundup

tech in the triangleCary, NC – Tech in the Triangle never sleeps, even in the heat of July. Tech Tank reports on the opening of a new startup incubator, the announcement of a big tech conference in the autumn and an opportunity right now for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. Read more

Pictures: Cary Open Data Day


Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – It was a rainy Saturday in Cary. Perfect time to learn about Open Data and write some code. Read more

Open Data Day – Plans


Cary, NC – Cary’s first Open Data Day is coming this weekend. Final plans are coming together and here’s a run-down of what will be happening. Read more