Convenience Center

A Tour of the Citizen’s Convenience Center

Cary, NC — Nestled in the heart of downtown Cary around businesses, houses and even a park is a site where residents can drop off bulky or excess household waste. I got a behind-the-scenes look at the Citizen’s Convenience Center. Read more

The Trash Series: 7,485 Tons of Leaves


Cary, NC — On Monday, November 9, 2015, the Town of Cary started collecting the many piles of leaves you’ll see alongside the streets, in neighborhoods and in front of Cary homes. As part of my trash series, I found out how the leaves are collected and where they go. Read more


The Trash Series: Recycling Do’s and Don’ts


Cary, NC — Plastic bags and pizza boxes are some of the most common contaminates to a bin full of otherwise good recyclables. Recycling can be confusing, so here’s a guide to what you can–and what you can’t–put in those brown bins each week. Read more


The Trash Series: My Day at the Landfill


Bob Holden and I stand in front of the South Wake Landfill.

Cary, NC — Each week, we roll our trashcans out to the curb. When we get home, the trash is gone. I decided to find out where it goes–and what happens to it once it gets there. Read more

Yard waste

The Trash Series: Where Does Yard Waste Go?

Yard waste

Cary, NC — Did you know that, in Cary, yard waste like leaves, grass clippings and branches can be put out at the curb to be picked up with your regular trash? Read more