Miracle League Seeks a Few Good Sponsors

Story by Lindsey Chester and Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC- The Miracle League of the Triangle is about to begin their Spring 2012 season and they are looking for a few good sponsors to support the teams.

The Miracle of Baseball

Don’t know the Miracle League? It’s a baseball league for special needs kids.

The miracle is the joy of sports for kids and families who never expected it or experienced it.

It’s an everyday miracle – you can see it in the pictures or at a game. It never gets old.

Sponsors Make it Possible for Everybody

Each year the organization fields about 22 teams for both a spring and fall season.  Sponsorship ensures that the families of these athletes can participate without undue financial burden. They pay $35 to join and receive all the instruction and uniforms.

In January, director Traci Brown looks to sign up groups as annual sponsors for the league which covers the two seasons. As the league has grown in participants, so has their need for increased sponsorship. See story.

What Does Sponsorship Mean?

Sponsorship is visible in many ways: company names are displayed on field signage, T-shirts and announced at all games and each season they hold a sponsor appreciation day.

But there is a bigger impact. For $1500/year, a group sponsors the joy of community, baseball and sportsmanship for these kids and their families. Many groups come out and help volunteer on game days to experience the games themselves.

Currently the league knows they need at least 8 additional sponsors.

If you think you would like to get involved, contact Traci Brown directly through email, or call her at (919) 238-0333. Or you can download the sponsor form right here.


2012 Miracle League Team Sponsorship