Entries by Gordon and Marcia Mercer

Stories from a Family Cookbook

The cookbook has a copyright date of 1898 and bears witness to overuse. There are side notes. There are recipes tucked between its pages which were cut out from other publications and pasted on cards. There are recipes copied in careful handwriting on sheets the publisher left blank for that purpose. There are recipes from friends, typed on old typewriters with keys that stick. The old type print still looks crisp and dignified.

History: The Real Story of Pocahantas

Story by Gordon Mercer, professor emeritus at Western Carolina University and Marcia Gaines Mercer, published author and columnist. “Pocahontas is one of those historical characters who comes across to us eternally embalmed in some legend rather than a person in her own right and in her own humanity.”  – Noel B. Gerson