Cary Ballet Company Brings Dance to Women’s Shelter

Cary, NC – At the Cary Ballet Company, they have developed a slogan: Not all dancers can make it to the studio so they bring to the studio to them. And in a series of free classes, the company will be holding ballet lessons for children living in a Triangle women’s shelter. Read more

Morrisville Wins National Diversity Award

Morrisville, NC – A few weeks ago, we told you how the Town of Morrisville was a finalist for a national award celebrating diversity. Now, Morrisville has won that award, standing out among other towns and cities in the country for its work to highlight its diverse population. Read more

Green Hope’s Art in Motion Brings Energy to Cary

Editor’s Note: Green Hope High School student Aashna Shukla contributed to this article.

Cary, NC – The Green Hope High School Varsity Winterguard and Indoor Percussion invite you to take a part in their local competition to showcase a show that they have dedicated time on and love to show the public. Read more

Cary Hosting Triangle Pole Dance Championship

Cary, NC – Pole dancing has become a new trend for people interested in exercise, combining dance with a workout. And to try and find the best dancers in the country, Cary is hosting the Triangle’s championship. Read more

Cary Ballet Student Makes National Finals

Cary, NC – Cary is a hotbed for dance, with multiple high-level ballet studios and classes. And one of those students has gone on to be one of only a handful of young dancers to become a National YoungArts Foundation finalist. Read more

Chinese Lantern Festival Expands in 2nd Year

Cary, NC – When the Chinese Lantern Festival first came to Cary, it made a bigger impact than anyone expected. Now in its second year, the festival is bringing some new elements to celebrate Chinese culture. Read more

Cary Ballet Starting New Year of Professional Training

Cary, NC – The Cary area is filled with students working to become better and better in not just ballet but a variety of styles. And last year, the Cary Ballet Conservatory worked to focus that effort with a Professional Training Program, which returns this September. Read more

Cary Dance School Holds Special Boys Workshop

Cary, NC – In America, it is hard to find many ballet schools that teach boys, or if they do, they might be one boy in a class full of little girls in pink leotards. A school here in Cary is trying to change that.

Read more

Local Dancer Gets Trainee Offer at Famous Ballet Company

Cary, NC – The Triangle area has long had a reputation for the arts and ones of its residents has been selected by one of the most famous ballerinas in the world to be a trainee at the Washington BalletRead more


Dance: SHADE Premieres in Cary This Weekend

Cary, NC — Black Irish, a Raleigh-based hip hop dance company, will perform one of Cary’s most distinct – and compelling – dance productions of the year this weekend, January 8-10, 2016 at the Cary Arts Center.

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