History for Breakfast: Sallie Jones and Linda Hall

Cary, NC – In talking about the history of Cary and its residents, you can often learn a lot just from talking about someone’s personal experiences growing up. So, in this installment of History for Breakfast at Famous Toastery, we talked with Sallie Jones and her niece Linda Hall about some of their experiences in Cary in the 1950s and 1960s. Read more

History for Breakfast: Ed Yerha and Brent Miller

Cary, NC – In the third installment of History for Breakfast, we sat down with Cary history experts Ed Yerha and Brent Miller at Famous Toastery to talk about a wide array of Cary’s history, from the significance of downtown to the Page family and more. Read more

History for Breakfast: Bob Myers

Cary, NC – In this second installment of History for Breakfast, we sat down with Cary historian Bob Myers at Famous Toastery to talk about historic buildings around Cary and the preservation efforts surrounding them. Read more

History for Breakfast: Carla Michaels and Jerry Miller

Cary, NC – There is a lot of history in Cary and the best way to learn about it is just by talking to those who know it best. So, this is the beginning of a new series for CaryCitizen titled “History for Breakfast” where we sit down with historians from around town at the Famous Toastery to eat breakfast and talk about Cary. Read more