Hot Pursuit

Movie Review: Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit

Cary, NC — Hot Pursuit is part action, part chick flick and all comedy. I found the film, which co-stars popular actresses Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon, to be entertaining and hilarious. Read more

Movie Review: Star Trek “Into Darkness”


Movie review by Robert Geiger for CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – First off, a little disclaimer. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the original series aired when I was growing up in the 60-70’s. I’ve seen every episode and movie of every series with all the crews and captains over the years. I’m a child of the “space age” inspired by vision and possibility of humanity reaching for the stars. I was eating in my kitchen watching the first man set foot on the Moon. NASA was news and the space program was our hope for Mankind’s future. Read more

Movie Review: 42


Morrisville, NC – 42, based on the story of Jackie Robinson, is in the great tradition of heroic baseball movies. If you liked Field of Dreams and The Natural, you will enjoy 42Read more

Movie Review: GI Joe Retaliation


Review by Jordan Hunt for CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Before I delve into my actual review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I feel as though I should come clean about something. I am a huge fan of both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis.

HUGE. Read more

Movie Review: Oz The Great and Powerful


film review by Jordan Hunt for CaryCitizen.

On the surface, Oz: The Great and Powerful looks like another 3D cash grab from the Walt Disney company, who just 3 years ago released another adaptation of a very famous children’s book with Alice in Wonderland. Read more