Selling a House Over Christmas

Story by Danny Taylor, local Realtor and decorating guru for CaryCitizen. Photo by Laura Bittner.

Cary, NC- Oh the joy of the Holiday season!  This is the time of year that we make sure our home looks its best.  The parties…the family gatherings…all the social engagements that make this the most wonderful time of the year…to show and sell your house! Read more

Decorating: A Guide to Kitchen Countertops

Story by Danny Taylor, local Realtor and Decorating columnist for CaryCitizen. Photo by Courtney Bailey Graham.

Cary, NC – Back in the day….way back….you had formica countertops. Maybe if you lived in New Mexico or Southern California you had tile. Today, your choice of kitchen countertops is seemingly endless. Read more

Cary Real Estate: The View From the Curb

Story by home decorating legend Danny Taylor of DT & CO Real Estate. Photo by Landscape Design Advisor.

Cary, NC – We have all heard the saying, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.  That may be true for people, but when it comes to houses, what’s on the outside is of utmost importance!  Read more

Top 5 Home Decorating Tips for Fall

Story by home decorating aficionado Danny Taylor of DT & CO Real Estate. Photo by Nietnagel.

Cary, NC – Cooler temps are here and it’s time to warm up the house and get it dressed for the Fall season. Maybe you are gazing around your home and you aren’t sure where to start. Here are 5 quick tips to get you on your way to transition from summer to fall in your home. Read more

Real Estate: Park at Crossroads Set to Sell

Story from staff reports. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Last month,  Associated Estates Realty Corporation (AERC) of Ohio bought the Apartments at the Arboretum. Now, they are close to a deal to add the Park at Crossroads to their Cary portfolio. Read more

Business: M*Modal Picks Cary

Story from staff reports. Photo from Beacon Partners

Cary, NC – M*Modal, a medical technology company, is set to lease 18,000 square feet of office space in RDU Center III with a promise of 75 jobs. Read more

Real Estate: House on the Move

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC – If you woke up early last Saturday, you might have witnessed a house driving down Kildaire Farm Road to its new location on East Cornwall. Read more

Business: Arboretum Apartments Sell for $39 Million

Story from staff reports. Photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Another big real estate deal closed in Cary. The Apartments at the Arboretum just changed hands for a cool $39.2 million. Read more

House of the Week: David Bowden’s

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – We haven’t done a House of the Week story in a while, but this one is worth it. It’s about David Bowden’s former house, the “Screwed By Town of Cary” guy. It’s been bought, refurbished and is back on the market at a very attractive price. Read more

Kroger Building on NC 55 Sold for $4.1 Million

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – All this week, people have been asking us about the Kroger on NC 55. Rumors are flying, but all we can tell you for a fact is that the building has been sold to a real estate development firm. Read more