Google Fiber – Triangle Rumors


Cary, NC — Triangle Business Journal is reporting that Google is sending “Save the Date” notices to some Triangle elected officials. Could it be Fiber?

Google Fiber – Triangle Edition

As reported almost one year ago, the Triangle is in contention for Google Fiber, high-speed residential internet set to compete with Time-Warner and AT&T. Fiber promises ultra-fast speed at a cost that is less than current Triangle providers.

Since then, government officials and industry executives have been working diligently to supply the information Google needs to make a decision about bringing Fiber to the region.

Now, TBJ is reporting that elected officials have received “Save the Date” notices from the California tech giant.

The announcement specifies two evening receptions, one in Raleigh and one in Durham on January 28 and 29 respectively.

Speculation is rising that Google is going to announce that the Triangle has been selected for Fiber, joining Kansas City, Austin and Provo. Google had anticipated a “yea or nay” response to the region by December of 2014, but that decision was delayed.

Now, it could be time to get a little Fiber in our Triangle diet. Stay tuned.


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  1. Cary Citizen
    Cary Citizen says:

    I hope from the deepest of my heart that Google Fiber comes to the Triangle. I am sick and tired of Time Warner Cable’s service. If you add to that the potential merger TWC with Comcast, that is the recipe of a disastrous service and terrible monopoly of the cable service. Google, please don’t deceive us. Hopefully, At&T will follow suit with its competing GigaPower. The customers will benefit while mediocre companies like TWC/Comcast loose!

  2. Robin Dean
    Robin Dean says:

    Great news. Google will be very happy to have the Triangle as one of its very best customers! Finally Time Warner will have some real competition and we will all benefit from that! Go Google Fiber! Cary, Raleigh, Durham await you!

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