Lori’s Blog: Alexa For Government

Cary, NC – Ok, time to get back to my technology roots. Y’all know that I’ve got this insatiable curiosity for technology solutions. It’s in my Twitter profile, so it has to be true!

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Lori’s Blog: A Home for Everyone

Cary, NC – Folks that know me, know that I’m pretty passionate about “Affordable Housing.” Is it because I’m some screaming, leaning liberal? Naaa. Ok, maybe. But really, it’s because I know the impact that having a safe place to live can have on an individual, a family and a community.  Read more

Lori’s Blog: 2017 Council Retreat

Cary, NC – Since I’ve been on Council and for a number of years before that, the Cary Town Council and Town Staff have taken a few days every year to pause and plan for the upcoming year. It’s especially helpful for us to truly step back and away from our day-to-day activities (literally and figuratively) for this extended period of concentrated discussion, dialogue, and strategic thinking about our plan for  the future and to deep dive on a number of specific issues. Read more

Lori’s Blog: #Justagirlinasnowplow

Cary, NC – #justagirlinasnowplow. That’s what I was tagging my adventure with the Snow Patrol last weekend. Read more

Lori’s Blog: Doing the Right Thing for Families

Cary, NC – Originally, I called this post  – “Why Paid Parental Leave in Cary?”  I know, I know, that made more sense. But as I thought more about it, I really think, for me, it boils down to this…“It’s the right thing to do.” But, let me explain. First, there’s this. Read more


Lori’s Blog: Golf Course Noise?


Cary, NC — There has been a lot of discussion at the Council table, online and in the papers regarding the proposal for an updated Golf Course Noise ordinanceRead more

Lori’s Blog: Sign Up Now to Volunteer in Cary


Cary, NC — One of the best things about our Cary community is you. Really. I’m not blowing smoke here. Learn how you can start volunteering in Cary right now. Read more


Lori’s Blog: Our Cary Budget


Cary, NC — It’s budget time for government across the state. Read more

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Lori’s Blog: Women’s History & a Free Movie

Lori's Blog

Cary, NC — On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, in celebration of Women’s History Month, The Cary Theater will screen Iron Jawed Angels at 7 pm, which will be followed by a panel discussion led by female leaders and officials.  Read more