Cary Author Advises How to Avoid Being a Zombie at Work

Cary, NC – For many people, work can be monotonous or frustrating and it can be easy to fall into a rut. But one Cary author has researched causes and cures and will be sharing her advice at a public event this week. Read more

book signing

Cary Author Hosts Book Signing Apr. 26

book signing

Cary, NC — This Sunday, April 26, 2015, join author April Riley Bolejack at Barnes & Noble in Cary for a special book signing and discussion as she tells stories from her new book about what life was like growing up in Cary in the 50’s and 60’s.
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Playwrights Forum: Everyone Has a Story

Playwrights Forum

Cary, NC- Everyone has at least one story in them, but not everyone gets to see their story come to life on stage.  Read more

Cary Authors: Becoming a Fashion Designer


Story by Lindsey Chester, photos courtesy Lisa Springsteel.

Cary, NC – With popular shows like Project Runway bringing the world of fashion into our living rooms, many young people fantasize about becoming fashion designers and ruling the runways.

Cary resident Lisa Springsteel, 20-veteran of New York’s Fashion Avenue, recently published a guide to the business called Becoming a Fashion Designer and just returned from her New York book launch. Read more

Cary Author Wins $50,000 Amazon Award


Cary, NC – The votes are in and Amazon customers have chosen Rysa Walker of Cary, N.C. as the Grand Prize winner of the sixth annual Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest for her young adult novel Timebound.

Cary Author Wins $50,000 Amazon Award

timebound-rysa-walkerWalker’s Timebound was inspired by her love of history and science fiction and explores how the choices we make affect our future.

In the novel, 17-year-old Kate learns that she’s inherited a genetic license to time travel when her grandmother shares a strange blue medallion, an even stranger tale about future historians, and the unshakeable conviction that the fate of half the planet lies in Kate’s hands.

Timebound will be released October 22, 2013 by Skyscape—an imprint of Amazon Children’s Publishing—and Walker will receive a publishing contract with a $50,000 advance. The book is now available for pre-order in print and Kindle formats on at

The remaining four category winners, Ken Moraff (General Fiction, It Happened in Wisconsin), Jo Chumas (Mystery/Thriller, The Hidden), Evelyn Pryce (Romance, A Man Above Reproach) and J. Lincoln Fenn (Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, POE), each received publishing contracts from Amazon Publishing with a $15,000 advance. Their books will also be released in print and Kindle formats in the fall and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

“Rysa’s novel is one of those up-til-dawn reads that you just can’t put down, so it’s no surprise Amazon customers gave her this award,” said Daphne Durham, Editor-in-Chief, Amazon Publishing.

“Mom, is there really a Santa Claus?”

Guest post by writer Colleen Malloy-Cagnassola of Wake Forest. Photo by Brooke Meyer.

My young son approached me recently looking for the truth! Usually when he approaches me, it’s because he wants something tangible.  But this time was different. He seemed hopeless.  He looked up with sadness in his eyes, and asked, “Mom, is there really a Santa?” Instantly, my body froze. Read more

NC Writers Conference this Weekend in Cary

Cary, NC – Embassy Suites on Harrison Av. will be buzzing with adjectives, adverbs and alliteration as the NC Writers Network Fall Conference comes to Cary this weekend. Read more

The Last Childhood: A Family Story of Alzheimer’s

Story by Hal Goodtree, photo by Olsen.

Cary, NC – Carrie Knowles, best known as the Executive Director of the Cary Cross Currents Music Festival, recently released a Kindle edition of her well-regarded book The Last Childhood: A Family Story of Alzheimer’s. It’s risen to #11 on the Kindle Best Sellers list under caregiving. Read more

Book Review: North Carolina’s Favorite Food – Barbecue

Story by Matt Young. 

Cary-lina, NC – As any North Carolinian knows, barbecue is a noun (it’s also a religion). Barbecue is NOT the thing you grill on. It’s not something you go to. It is a cooked pig. Period. Read more

Cary, NC: Where the Poets Hang Out

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC – Who knew that Cary hosts one of the largest poetry festivals in the US? Last weekend, the American Turkish Association of North Carolina (ATA-NC) held their fourth annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival in Downtown Cary’s Page-Walker Arts and History Center. It was sublime. Read more