Academy Street Construction: July 2015 Updates


Cary, NC — To continue our series on the Academy Streetscape project in Downtown Cary, we’ll share some updates from the Town of Cary and from the project’s Senior Engineer, Kyle Hubert.

Academy Street Construction

Construction for the Academy Streetscape project officially began in June right after the May 28, 2015 special groundbreaking celebration in Downtown Cary.

The project will replace road infrastructure from the sixties and improve pedestrian and motorist travel. A downtown park will be constructed near the Arts Center, and Academy Street will be further beautified with various features and designs from artists and engineers.

These efforts are all a part of the town’s revitalization plans–a several-year-old project with the goal of enhancing the character, charm, and attraction of downtown to bring more businesses and people to the heart of Cary. The now completed Cary Arts Center and Cary Theater were also part of these revitalization efforts.

Read a detailed overview of the project, and enjoy these updates from Town of Cary.

Updates for July 7-July 24, 2015

The following updates were shared by the Town of Cary and Kyle Hubert.

Construction on Academy Street for the past two weeks has included finishing repairs to sanitary sewer pipes, video inspections of sanitary sewer pipes, beginning construction of the new water line and beginning construction of the utility duct bank (for the overhead utilities to be relocated underground on portions of Dry Avenue and Kildaire Farm Road).

Other important news:

  • Over the next two weeks, construction will continue for water lines, utility duct bank and storm drainage pipes on Kildaire Farm Road and on Dry Avenue.
  • Asphalt milling and removing some trees and shrubs will take place south of Park Street.
  • PSNC should also finish installing a new natural gas line on the east side of Academy Street between Dry Avenue and Park Street.
  • The existing traffic detours will remain in place.
  • Motorists are reminded to pay close attention to road closure signs and detour signs in the construction area, and to the new stop signs at the Walker Street/Walnut Street intersection.
  • Staff has re-advertised the Downtown Park and hope to begin construction in September.

Photo from the Town of Cary’s construction journal

Stay Up-to-Date on the Project

You can stay informed on this project by reading CaryCitizen, by visiting the Town of Cary website or by contacting Kyle Hubert to be added to an email list for updates.

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Information and photo from Kyle Hubert and the Town of Cary. Lead photo by Lindsey Chester.


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    Thank you for keeping us updated! I hope you’ll include another update next month before school starts (on Aug. 24) at Cary Elementary. Thanks! Robin

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    I think that there needs to be more of a nightlife atmosphere in downtown Cary. Perhaps more music venues. More variety and diversity.

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