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Coyotes in Cary

Story by Matt Young. Photo from Wikipedia. Cary, NC – Coyotes have been spotted in Cary. Some suspect that the drought may have created a newly available food source in the Glenaire section near Dorothy Drive and Union Street (Map of the Area). There was an abundance of rodents in the area during the last […]

The People of Cary: Sheila Ogle

Cary, NC – “You got to talk to Sheila Ogle.” I was given that advice a half dozen times. Finally we contacted her to see if we could spend a little time with her. The discussion never had an awkward pause. This folks, is a high energy woman. She seems to know everyone. She is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word – starting businesses and other ventures in areas in which maybe she wasn’t formally trained, but knew there was a need. Yet she remains humble and unassuming .

A Short Drive From Cary: The New Napa?

Cary, NC – We often talk about the advantages of living in Cary from a geographic point of view. Here in the piedmont, we have the ocean just to the right, mountains just to the left. But there there is a new advantage. We are a short drive from one of the leading areas in the growing wine economy of the United States.

Confessions of a Home Brewer

I made my first home brew from a Mr. Beer kit my wife bought me for Christmas 5 or 6 years ago. I looked at the box and said,”What? YOU CAN DO THAT?” Admittedly I made and bottled about 6 different beers all in the span of 6 weeks and began to read everything I could get my hands on.

Profile: Mayor Jackie Holcombe of Morrisville

Morrisville, North Carolina – Here in Cary, we are fortunate to have a good neighbor in the Town of Morrisville. The folks of Morrisville are fortunate to have a Mayor who is “in it” for the good of the town she loves.

We were greeted warmly by Mayor Holcombe’ in Morrisville’s beautiful Council Chambers on Thursday of last week.

Profile: Former Cary Mayor Koka Booth

We drove up to a neatly trimmed golf course cul-de-sac where every modest house had a American flag hanging from it, in the exact same spot, next to the garage. I was early and waiting next to the car with Hal Goodtree, the publisher of the CC. Out of an open garage came Koka Booth waving us in. We shook hands and he told us with a wink that we needed to get in the house quickly because “Blanche will fuss at me for letting you in the garage”.