Editor’s Journal: Shootings in Newtown, CT

Cary, NC – This is not a story I wanted to write. Our mission is to talk about Cary. But the shootings on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT have touched everyone across the U.S., in every big city and small town. Read more

Editor’s Journal: Weekend in Pictures

Story by Hal Goodtree Photos by Hal Goodtree and Brooke Meyer.

Cary, NC – Other editors have notebooks. I have a SIM card. Here are some highlights in pictures from the week past in Cary. Read more

Editorial: Just Say No to Fracking in Cary

Editorial by Hal Goodtree. Map from Southern Environmental Law Center.

Cary, NC – Fracking has the potential to make North Carolina a net energy exporter. But serious concerns exist about contamination of water supplies. Until those concerns are laid to rest, Cary needs to ban fracking within our town limits. Read more

CaryCitizen Voter Recommendations

An editorial opinion by the Publisher of CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Many readers have been asking about our endorsements in the coming election. Without further delay, here are our voter recommendations.

Read more

Editor’s Journal: Election Season

Hal Goodtree is Editor & Publisher of CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Municipal and County elections are coming up on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Every vote counts and it’s a busy time here at CaryCitizen. Read more

Editorial: The Long Sad Decline of Journalism

Hal Goodtree is publisher of CaryCitizen.com

Cary, NC – Last Sunday, News of the World published its last issue. The 168-year old newspaper was shuttered after allegations surfaced of police bribery and hacking into the cell phones of crime and terror victimes.

If this is journalism, count me out. Read more

Editorial: The Cooper Murder Story

An editorial by Hal Goodtree, Publisher of CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – My friend Pagliacci, a professional photo journalist, wrote last week to mock me about our lack of coverage concerning the murder of Nancy Cooper. “It’s the biggest story of the year and you missed it!” he crowed.

Au contraire, my sad friend. We chose not to cover it. Here’s why.  Read more

Editor’s Journal: A Month of Saturdays

Story and pictures by Hal Goodtree, Editor of CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – What is news? At its most basic, it’s anything that’s new.

Newsworthiness is another issue. Some publications think only controversy is newsworthy. I beg to differ. Read more

Editor's Journal: Reporting the Happy News

Cary, NC – Traditional media has a saying: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Old newspaper hands scoff at the idea that positive news is a viable business model.

Well, I’ve got 100,000 page views that say they’re wrong. Read more

Editor's Journal: 3 Months of CaryCitizen

It’s been three months since we launched CaryCitizen and now seems like a good time to share some info about where we’ve been and where we are going.


To date, CaryCitizen has had over 20,000 page views. We have hundreds of email subscribers and fans on Facebook.

We’ve been listed as an official news source by Google News.

We’ve published over 140 stories created by more than two dozen writers and photographers.


As CaryCitizen has evolved during our first 90 days, our focus has sharpened on our primary mission: celebrate Cary.

Our most popular stories are about outstanding and unique local businesses, the environment, high school sports, cultural events and people who make a difference. We love writing about local agriculture, music and stuff for kids. We’ve launched the first true calendar of events for the whole town.


CaryCitizen is committed to producing non-partisan news and stories about all the good things in Cary. We love getting comments to our posts and on our Facebook page. 99% of all comments get posted. But, occasionally, we feel we have to delete a comment.

Here’s the rule: no name calling or gratuitous insults. Simple. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t post it on our wall.

We may be the seventh largest town in North Carolina, but this is still a place where we all shop in the same supermarkets and go to the same Friday night football games.


On November 1, we’ll be launching our official advertising program. We’ve had a lot of interest in advertising on CC, and the next three months promise some unique opportunities for getting in on the ground floor.

We’ve taken an innovative approach to advertising. We don’t feel intrusive pop-ups or spam emails are a benefit to our readers or our brand, so we won’t do them. Leaving money on the table, you say? Not at all.

We believe advertising IS part of the content of CaryCitizen, not just a sticker we paste over the headlines on the front page. Our readers respond to interesting ads and compelling offers by clicking through to the advertiser’s message. It happens every day.

Stay tuned for our big ad launch. If you’ve considered advertising on CaryCitizen, act fast because the inventory is limited and the introductory deal will be amazing. Sponsors make CaryCitizen possible. We are grateful for their support and committed to publishing a quality news product about our town.


As the editor, I’ve had a lot of late nights and a few tough decisions to navigate. I’ve loved it all. Let me take a moment to thank the Tribal Council, the inner crew that has helped launch, grow and guide CaryCitizen over the last three months:

  • Lindsey Chester – Associate Publisher
  • Matt Young – Managing Editor
  • Leslie Huffman – Associate Editor
  • Vickie Maxwell – Associate Editor
  • Brenda Larson – Business Operations Consultant

Thanks also to the dozens of people who have contributed stories, photos and ideas including Chris Adamczyk, Vanessa Mouton, Brent Miller, Michael Pelz-Sherman, Karl Fisher, Friends of Page Walker, Catherine Evangelista, Dwight Mouton, Winston Hooker, Lisa Rogers, Sydney Maxwell, Nancy Caggia, Phil and Angie Loudon, Cary Photographic Artists, Smythe Richbourg, Chris Young and Al Sibille.

Thanks also to Susan Moran and the Town of Cary staff for their cooperation in developing stories like Cary Bio Fuel Plan First in Nation.

Finally, the biggest thanks must go to you, the pioneer readers of CaryCitizen. Thank you for giving us a shot, thanks for telling your friends, and thank you for all your comments and emails. They truly do help us shape our coverage.