Signature Downtown Clock Falls Down

Cary, NC – If you’ve been losing track of time lately, there may be a good reason for that. Construction along Academy Street revealed little foundation around the downtown clock’s base and it fell over, temporarily putting it out of order.

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Bond Park

Cary’s Parks Department Wins Top National Award

Cary, NC – It’s one thing to tell your friends and family out of town that Cary has the best parks and facilities. It’s another to be able to point to the gold medal Cary got for the best Parks and Recreation department in the United States. And now, that’s exactly what you can do. Read more

Cary Town Council: 10/13/16

Cary, NC – The latest meeting of the Cary Town Council moved smoothly without much discussion or public comment as the council acted on several issues ranging from sanitation to road work to police dogs. Read more

Cary Town Council: 9/8/16

Cary, NC – The Cary Town Council held a very short meeting this past week as councilmembers voted to look into new developments and Town Manager Sean Stegall revealed some news about voting in Cary. Read more

Community Gathers At Downtown Update Session

Cary, NC – Downtown Cary has been on the cusp of big changes for a few years now and lots of people want more information. So to help, Cary’s downtown development manager Ted Boyd held an open meeting to inform residents in one of his signature Ted Talks. Read more

Cary Town Council: 8/25/16

Cary, NC – The Cary Town Council had a stacked agenda at their last regular session, with not only several discussion items but a robust greeting from one of our Sister Cities and a send-off for one of Cary’s longest serving employees.

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Cary’s New Town Manager Starts First Month

Cary, NC – Cary’s new Town Manager, Sean Stegall is only a few weeks into his new job, and with Stegall so new to the area, many Caryites may not know a lot about him. Read more

Government: Cary Town Council, 8/11/16

Cary, NC – At the latest regular meeting of the Cary Town Council, several issues saw concerned residents come out to voice their worries about proposed developments in their neighborhoods. Read more

Cary History: Nathaniel Jones of White Plains

Cary, NC – The Town of Cary is currently looking into giving the White Plains cemetery in Maynard Oaks a historic landmark status. That makes this a good time to talk about the man behind that family cemetery who is also buried there, Nathaniel Jones of White Plains. Read more

Cary Scavenger Hunt: Our Biggest Hint

Cary, NC – The Cary Scavenger Hunt is in its seventh year of memory-making fun. One of our biggest hints about how to win big involves our wonderful sponsors. Read more